DNB Rockbreakers Ranges

  • MPL-12
  • MPL-6
  • COMBI E8
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

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          • D10IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD10IIs
              Operating WeightKg76
              Impact RateBPM900 – 1200
              Impact EnergyJ300
              Operating Oil FlowLPM15-20
              Operating Pressurebar100-120
              Carrier WeightTon0.5-1.3
              Tool Diametermm38
          • D20IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD20IIs
              Operating WeightKg100
              Impact RateBPM900-1200
              Impact EnergyJ300
              Operating Oil FlowLPM15-25
              Operating Pressurebar100-120
              Carrier WeightTon0.8-3.0
              Tool Diametermm45
          • D25IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD25IIs
              Operating WeightKg200
              Impact RateBPM550-1100
              Impact EnergyJ580
              Operating Oil FlowLPM25-50
              Operating Pressurebar120-140
              Carrier WeightTon1.3-5.0
              Tool Diametermm60
          • D30IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD30IIs
              Operating WeightKg300
              Impact RateBPM500-1000
              Impact EnergyJ1000
              Operating Oil FlowLPM45-80
              Operating Pressurebar120-140
              Carrier WeightTon3.5-8
              Tool Diametermm75
          • D40IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD40IIs
              Operating WeightKg520
              Impact RateBPM400-700
              Impact EnergyJ1400
              Operating Oil FlowLPM60-90
              Operating Pressurebar135-150
              Carrier WeightTon6.0-12
              Tool Diametermm90
          • D55IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD55IIs
              Operating WeightKg855
              Impact RateBPM350-550
              Impact EnergyJ2000
              Operating Oil FlowLPM80-110
              Operating Pressurebar140-160
              Carrier WeightTon12-16
              Tool Diametermm100
          • D60IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD60IIs
              Operating WeightKg1050
              Impact RateBPM350-500
              Impact EnergyJ2200
              Operating Oil FlowLPM70-110
              Operating Pressurebar140 +/- 5
              Carrier WeightTon14-18
              Tool Diametermm115
          • D65IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD65IIs
              Operating WeightKg1360
              Impact RateBPM350-500
              Impact EnergyJ3700
              Operating Oil FlowLPM80-130
              Operating Pressurebar140 +/- 5
              Carrier WeightTon16-20
              Tool Diametermm120
          • D70IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD70IIs
              Operating WeightKg1660
              Impact RateBPM350-500
              Impact EnergyJ4300
              Operating Oil FlowLPM120-160
              Operating Pressurebar140 +/- 5
              Carrier WeightTon18-25
              Tool Diametermm130
          • D90IIs
            • SepcificationUnitD90IIs
              Operating WeightKg1860
              Impact RateBPM350-500
              Impact EnergyJ4300
              Operating Oil FlowLPM120-160
              Operating Pressurebar140 +/- 5
              Carrier WeightTon20-28
              Tool Diametermm130
          • D110IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD110IIs
              Operating WeightKg2250
              Impact RateBPM360-520
              Impact EnergyJ5800
              Operating Oil FlowLPM160-230
              Operating Pressurebar140 +/-5
              Carrier WeightTon25-35
              Tool Diametermm140
          • D130IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD130IIs
              Operating WeightKg2600
              Impact RateBPM320-420
              Impact EnergyJ6920
              Operating Oil FlowLPM170-240
              Operating Pressurebar145 +/-5
              Carrier WeightTon30-45
              Tool Diametermm155
          • D160IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD160IIs
              Operating WeightKg3300
              Impact RateBPM300-400
              Impact EnergyJ9100
              Operating Oil FlowLPM190-250
              Operating Pressurebar155 +/-5
              Carrier WeightTon40-55
              Tool Diametermm170
          • D200IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD200IIs
              Operating WeightKg3800
              Impact RateBPM250-350
              Impact EnergyJ10500
              Operating Oil FlowLPM220-350
              Operating Pressurebar155 +/-5
              Carrier WeightTon45-70
              Tool Diametermm180
          • D300IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD300IIs
              Operating WeightKg6200
              Impact RateBPM250-350
              Impact EnergyJ12500
              Operating Oil FlowLPM220-400
              Operating Pressurebar160 +/-5
              Carrier WeightTon60-90
              Tool Diametermm195
          • D400IIs
            • SpecificationUnitM40IIs
              Operating WeightKg7500
              Impact RateBPM300-400
              Impact EnergyJ
              Operating Oil FlowLPM300-400
              Operating Pressurebar140-160
              Carrier WeightTon70-100
              Tool Diametermm205
          • D500IIs
            • SpecificationUnitD500IIs
              Operating WeightKg12900
              Impact RateBPM200-300
              Impact EnergyJ19500
              Operating Oil FlowLPM300-450
              Operating Pressurebar160-180
              Carrier WeightTon90-170
              Tool Diametermm235

        Product Details

        DNB Hydraulic Breakers have been one of the stalwart survivors in our tough and competitive market. With over 30 years of proven performance and reliability in the Australian market the DNB is your first choice.

        Imagine the worst to produce the best. Our experience in breaking Blue Granite, scientifically proven to be one of the hardest rocks in the world, has created this philosophy. In order to break one of the hardest rocks in the world, a hammer had to be produced which was even stronger. That’s why DNB Rock Breakers are built with the hardest conditions in mind.

        In all environmental conditions and in high production, DNB Breakers provide continuous breaking power, regardless of material. The best raw materials are used to build each part of the hammer because we know that replacing tools and repairing equipment is not only an inconvenience, it also means time away from work and profits.

        Powerful impact energy and a variable impact rate, increase breaking frequency while decreasing time needed to get the job done.

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