MB Crusher Bucket Ranges

  • MPL-12
  • MPL-6
  • COMBI E8
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

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          • C50
            • SpecificationUnitC50
              Carrier WeightTon8-12
              Load Capacity0.15
              Opening DimensionsmmL540 H250
              Output Settingmm15-60
              Length (A)mm1240
              Width (B)mm1000
              Height (C)mm770
              Oil Flowl/min90
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h10
          • BF60.1 S4
            • SpecificationUnitBF60.1 S4
              Carrier WeightTon14-18
              Load Capacity.55
              Opening DimensionsmmL 610 H 510
              Output Settingmm15-60
              Length (A)mm1745
              Width (B)mm1000
              Height (C)mm1100
              Oil Flowl/min98
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h23
          • BF70.2 S4
            • SpecificationUnitBF70.2 S4
              Carrier WeightTon120-25
              Load Capacity.66
              Opening DimensionsmmL 740 H 510
              Output Settingmm15-130
              Length (A)mm2000
              Width (B)mm1150
              Height (C)mm1200
              Oil Flowl/min140
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h31
          • BF120.4
            • SpecificationUnitBF120.4
              Carrier WeightTon35-50
              Load Capacity1.30
              Opening DimensionsmmL 1205 H 540
              Output Settingmm15 – 145
              Length (A)mm2185
              Width (B)mm1620
              Height (C)mm1390
              Oil Flowl/min210
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h53
          • BF80.3 S4
            • SpecificationUnitBF80.3 S4
              Carrier WeightTon25-30
              Load Capacity.70
              Opening DimensionsmmL 850 H 510
              Output Settingmm15-135
              Length (A)mm2050
              Width (B)mm1300
              Height (C)mm1400
              Oil Flowl/min160
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h34
          • BF90.3 S4
            • SpecificationUnitBF90.3 S4
              Carrier WeightTon30-35
              Load Capacity.90
              Opening DimensionsmmL 910 H 540
              Output Settingmm15-140
              Length (A)mm2185
              Width (B)mm1340
              Height (C)mm1390
              Oil Flowl/min180
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h42
          • BF135.8 S4
            • SpecificationUnitBF135.8 S4
              Carrier WeightTon50-75
              Load Capacity1.60
              Opening DimensionsmmL 1300 H 600
              Output Settingmm40-150
              Length (A)mm2930
              Width (B)mm1880
              Height (C)mm170
              Oil Flowl/min320
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h88
          • BF150.10 S4
            • SpecificationUnitBF150.10 S4
              Carrier WeightTon≥ 75
              Load Capacity2.30
              Opening DimensionsmmL 1450 H 700
              Output Settingmm100-200
              Length (A)mm3560
              Width (B)mm2090
              Height (C)mm2065
              Oil Flowl/min380
              Counter Pressurebar10
              Max. Productionm³/h120

        Product Details

        MB Crushing Technology has revolutionised the concept of Crushing and Screening systems. With more than 60 years of experience in the excavation, road work, quarry, and demolition sectors, MB Crushing are at the forefront of research and technology. Designed and manufactured in Italy, only the best materials are used for excellent quality. Solid, durable, designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions which makes them the perfect accessory for the harsh Australian environment.

        The MB Hydraulic Crusher Bucket range covers machines from 8 ton through to 100 ton. These units are efficient and versatile and you can further increase productivity by adding the iron separator and the dust suppressor. These crusher buckets can be easily transported to and from sites attached to the machine. These buckets allow the material to be re-used on site. The BF90.4, for instance, can crush 42 m3/h.

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