MB Screening Bucket – Wheel Loader Ranges

  • MPL-12
  • MPL-6
  • COMBI E8
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Download MB Screening Bucket – Wheel Loader Catalogue

    • LS140
      • Specification Unit LS140
        Carrier Weight – Skid Ton 3-5
        Carrier Weight – Backhoe/Loader Ton 5-10
        Load Capacity 0.40
        Grid Diameter mm 750
        Length(A) mm 1380
        Width(B) mm 1420
        Height(C) mm 875
        Basket Depth(D) mm 560
        Weight Ton 0.45
        Oil Flow l/min 40
        Pressure bar 130
        Case Drain Required No
        Speed/Min Min/max 25/30
    • LS170
      • Specification Unit LS170
        Carrier Weight – Skid Ton
        Carrier Weight – Backhoe/Loader Ton 8-14
        Load Capacity 1.10
        Grid Diameter mm 1200
        Length(A) mm 1670
        Width(B) mm 1865
        Height(C) mm 1380
        Basket Depth(D) mm 890
        Weight Ton 1.35
        Oil Flow l/min 60
        Pressure bar 150
        Case Drain Required No
        Speed/Min Min/max 15/25
    • LS220
      • Specification Unit LS220
        Carrier Weight – Skid Ton 12-25
        Load Capacity mm 2.40
        Grid Diameter mm 1600
        Length(A) mm 2355
        Width(B) mm 2180
        Height(C) mm 1790
        Basket Depth(D) mm 1220
        Weight Ton 2.80
        Oil Flow l/min 120
        Pressure bar 220
        Case Drain Required No
        Speed/Min Min/max 15/25

Product Details

MB Screening Buckets have the ability to be installed on all excavators. A hydraulic intermittent system allows it to used with wet and dry materials. It has the advantage of onsite screening of various materials & are used for both before and after the crushing stage giving the owner the ability to manage materials best suited for the job. Can reduce crushing times up to 60%.

The MB L series Screening buckets are designed to be used with excavator and loaders. Screening of a selection of materials ie waste/demolition/stones/debris on beaches. Can be used for recycling / residential and commercial building sites and demolition. Multiple basket sizes.

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