MB Screening Bucket Ranges

  • MPL-12
  • MPL-6
  • COMBI E8
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

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    • S10 S4
      • Specification Unit S10 S4
        Carrier Weight Ton 5-10
        Load Capacity m3 0.32
        Grid Diameter mm 880
        Length (A) mm 1280
        Width (B) mm 940
        Height (C) mm 965
        Basket Depth (D) mm 560
        Weight Ton 0.39
        Oil Flow l/min 40
        Pressure bar 130
        Case Drain Required No
        Speed/Min Min/max 25/30
    • S14 S4
      • Specification Unit S14 S4
        Carrier Weight Ton 14-24
        Load Capacity m3 1.10
        Grid Diameter mm 1200
        Length (A) mm 1700
        Width (B) mm 1400
        Height (C) mm 1440
        Basket Depth (D) mm 890
        Weight Ton 1.10
        Oil Flow l/min 60
        Pressure bar 150
        Case Drain Required No
        Speed/Min Min/max 15/25
    • S18
      • Specification Unit S18
        Carrier Weight Ton 25-40
        Load Capacity m3 2.40
        Grid Diameter mm 1600
        Length (A) mm 2260
        Width (B) mm 1840
        Height (C) mm 1870
        Basket Depth (D) mm 1220
        Weight Ton 2
        Oil Flow l/min 120
        Pressure bar 200
        Case Drain Required Yes
        Speed/Min Min/max 15/25
    • S23
      • Specification Unit S23
        Carrier Weight Ton 40-70
        Load Capacity m3 4.30
        Grid Diameter mm 2020
        Length (A) mm 2840
        Width (B) mm 2320
        Height (C) mm 2350
        Basket Depth (D) mm 1490
        Weight Ton 3.75
        Oil Flow l/min 160
        Pressure bar 320
        Case Drain Required Yes
        Speed/Min Min/max 12/25

Product Details

MB Screening Buckets have the ability to be installed on all excavators. A hydraulic intermittent system allows it to be used with wet and dry materials. It has the advantage of onsite screening of various materials & are used for both before and after the crushing stage giving the owner the ability to manage materials best suited for the job. Can reduce crushing times up to 60 %.

The unique and innovative conical shape of the drum is designed to increase production. MB screening buckets are equipped with interchangeable panels of various size holes to obtain different output material. Designed with a conveyor system to eliminate friction during material loading, while the flat base makes transport easy.

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