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The MOVAX Control System (MCS™) links the excavator with MOVAX’s pile drivers, piling hammers, piling drills and leader masts. The system controls the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator and all the functions of MOVAX’s piling and drilling equipment. The system utilises inclination and pressure sensors to monitor for instance the pile driving process – thus assisting the operator to achieve better efficiency, increased productivity and higher accuracy

The Movax Control Systems feature ergonomic display and informative user interface. Available in three versions from a basic control system to an automated system providing information concerning the piling process. The control grips feature switches and thumbwheels to effortlessly control all functions.

Demo content 2 DNB Range are a powerful and reliable Rockbreaker with proven performance of over 30 years in the Australian market. They feature a strong impact energy and a variable impact rate which increases breaking frequency whilst decreasing time needed to get the job done. Designed in order to break the hardest of rocks in the world, Blue Granite, the DNB Rockbreaker has the best of raw materials used to build each part of the hammer. The DNB Rockbreaker gives you the best bang for your buck.

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