MOVAX Pre Auger Ranges

  • MPL-12
  • MPL-6
  • COMBI E8
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

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            • PA-50S
              • SpecificationUnitPA-50S
                Weight (excl. adapter)kg4900
                Height w/o augermm11200
                Depth w/o adaptermm1500
                Operating pressurebar350
                Oil flow ratel/min240
                Drilling depth, 30-35tm≤ 8,5
                Tilt angle°+/- 8
                Maximum torque *Nm50000
                Rotation speedrpm0-40
                Crowd forcekN25
                Extraction forcekN57
                Auger diametermm400
            • PA-50L
              • SpecificationUnitPA-50L
                Weight (excl adaptor)Kg2600
                Height w/o Augermm9966
                Oil Flow Ratel/min196
                Operating Pressurebar320
                Tilt Angle°+/- 8
                Depth w/o Adaptormm1005
                Drill speed rangeRpm0-20
                Drilling depth, 25-30 tm
                Drilling depth, 30-25 tm
                Drilling speed (low torque)Nm
                Drilling speed (high torque)Nm
                Maximum TorqueNm50000
                Crowd ForcekN135
                Retraction forcekN140
                Excavator ClassTon30-40

            Product Details

            MOVAX Pre-Augers are an excavator mounted auger drive attachment used for pre-augering in difficult and demanding soil conditions. Used for supporting the MOVAX Side Grip Pile Driver and Piling Hammers the Pre-Augers are controlled with the same MOVAX Control System (MCS) for ease of operation. The perfect solution for enabling easier and faster pile driving.

            Fast and Flexible to operate the Pre Auger features excellent reach with a simple and strong design. Engineered for long continuous operation and constructed using quality materials and parts. Efficient pre-augering, suitable for different site conditions and also for sites with limited headroom. Enables easier and faster pile driving.

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